Igarashi Sogyo was started by Yoshijiro Igarashi in 1951. It was a small, individually owned company, and Yoshijiro’s generous and mild disposition earned trust of local people. In 1979, his son-in-law Tatsuo Igarashi succeeded the business and converted it into a corporation. During this period, the company grew rapidly and opened business offices in Tokyo and various locations in Ibaraki Prefecture. At the same time, the company obtained licenses for plumbing, civil engineering, painting, and water & sewage work, which led the company to rename itself as Igarashi Sogyo in 2010. In the following year, Norio Igarashi, one of Tatsuo’s sons, became the president of the company. Norio, who has actively engaged in a number or regional revitalization projects, values the company’s close ties with local communities, while expanding the company’s business and adopting state-of-the art technologies. Following their predecessors, Norio and his staff members cherish the corporate spirit which is to grow by cultivating respectful manners, striving for self and corporate improvement, and contributing to society.